April 15, 2014

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April 15, 2014

I’m just imagining women vampires in arcades now. 

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April 1, 2014

Happy April Fool’s day!
Instead of a trick from me you get a treat of the color version of my endpages for my BFA project!


Happy April Fool’s day!

Instead of a trick from me you get a treat of the color version of my endpages for my BFA project!

March 31, 2014

There will never really never a good time to tell Tumblr about something so I might as well do it now when it and my BFA are keeping me up. 

My mom passed away a little bit over a month ago. I’m not sure if any of my ’ followers’ even care about my personal life. But that’s how it’s been lately. 

I’ve been feeling so tired and so overwhelmed with so much stuff. Going through a week of school feels like 3 weeks. I try to keep a strong face and try not to think about it much. Pick up my mandolin to keep the sads away and push through to finish my BFA. But late at night when everyone is asleep I feel my balance faltering and I realize all over again what has happen.

So if you have even the smallest thought about this, I would like to hear it because there are too many people are acting like any word they say will break me. It won’t. I might cry but I won’t break. 

March 30, 2014


Hari & Deepti (India/USA)

Hari & Deepti are an artist couple currently based out of Denver, Colorado. Hari (whose full name is Harikrishnan Panicker) is a trained graphic designer and illustrator, born and raised in Mumbai, India where he was a senior designer and an established illustrator. Deepti Nair is a certified geek, an Interaction Designer and also a trained artist.

Hari & Deepti moved to Denver from India and carried with them a Pandora box full of stories and imagination that they bring to life through their intricate paper cut light boxes and paper clay sculptures. They have always been drawn towards the imaginative aspect of story telling and seek inspiration from them. Stories have so many shades and depth in them, and paper as a medium has the exact qualities to reflect and interpret them. They believe that “Paper is brutal in its simplicity as a medium. It demands the attention of the artist while it provides the softness they need to mold it in to something beautiful. It is playful, light, colorless and colorful. It is minimal and intricate. It reflects light, creates depth and illusions in a way that it takes the artist through a journey with limitless possibilities.”

They started experimenting with paper cut shadow boxes in 2010 with hand painted watercolor paper which was then cut and assembled in a wooden box to create a diorama, with years of practice their art became more intricate and minimal at the same time. They started experimenting with lights and simplified their pieces by losing the colored aspect of the paper. They have since then evolved to add their own style of paper cut art incorporating back-lit light boxes using flexible LED strip lights. “What amazes us about the paper cut light boxes is the dichotomy of the piece in its lit and unlit state, the contrast is so stark that it has this mystical effect on the viewers.” (src. Black Book Gallery)

[more Hari & Deepti | artist found at mymodernmet]

March 30, 2014


Galaxy Opal

I want to hold space in my hands.

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March 29, 2014

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March 27, 2014


Hey guys/gals/followers/followbots!

From time to time, I’ll open up my doors to commission requests, which means inexpensive original art for anyone requesting and a little side income for me, a win-win situation for everyone involved. I’m working on a few comic projects, and will be starting an illustration series next month based on some bike-related civic duties that I’ve happily taken on (more on that soon!). In both cases, I want the end result to be GOOD and want to devote a considerable amount to time to those pursuits.

This is where you guys come in!

The fact is, ambitions aside, I still have to keep my head roofed, the lights under said roof on, pantries fooded, medications paid for, etc., etc., art is how I subsidize my life, etc.

So, for the time being, I’m offering 9”x12” ink/marker drawings for a relatively low price, and holding to the character-in-a-vignetted-background format (you can contact me if you want something different, and we can work something out). Prices are as illustrated (plus shipping): $30 for a black and white drawing, $50 for a toned piece, $80 for a full color piece. These are done pretty quickly, so it’s not a huge drain on my time, and it would be REALLY HELPFUL. If you’ve ever wanted to get some work from me, but felt the price tag was too steep- GOLDEN WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY! :) Send a message to me@derrickdent.com to place an order- Please include which type of drawing you’d like, and obviously the subject matter of the drawing (keep it safe-ish for work!).

Thanks in advance! Also, feel free to spread the word/reblog/make smoke signals about this if you’d like.



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March 26, 2014

1 it feels far to early to be 1 am
2. I hope this dizziness goes away soon.
3. I’m still figuring out how to tell tumblr…
4. BFA is comin’ I just need to start hustling for that and literally everything else.

5. I hope Amy is having a wonderful time in . I would text but I might wake up her and all her cohorts in wherever they are sleeping.

March 26, 2014


Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema,The Roses of Heliogabalus (1888) details.

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March 26, 2014

A teaser of what I’m currently doing for my BFA project…

Check out my blog tomorrow for the finished version!


A teaser of what I’m currently doing for my BFA project…

Check out my blog tomorrow for the finished version!

March 18, 2014

So I tried helping a friend to sign up for Healthcare today through Healthcare.gov. We tried using 2 states of residency and in both she was considered 8% of the poverty level. She is at 8% of being 100% in poverty. AND SHE COULDN”T AFFORD ANY HEALTHCARE PLANS. There were no subsidies available for people below 138% of the poverty line. The lowest possible plan for her was $150 a month with the deductible being $6,500+……..THE FUCKING HELL. Due to both possible residences being a red state, she will now have to go without healthcare this upcoming year until she gets a job that offers healthcare insurance. 

I hate people and more so I hate that people believe that ‘their tax dollars’ should only benefit themselves. Fuck the “I got mine” mentality.

March 10, 2014



Kris Kuksi

"Capricorn Rising"

Mixed Media and Assemblage

80” x 72” x 22”


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March 10, 2014


Handy Maiden

Oh my god these are so cute! I have decided to look at cute craft things as my motivator for doing art…… I still have some sculpty around here.  :3

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February 21, 2014


Here’s my Zoodles from a few weeks ago. Posted when I am about to take another lunch break at the zoo!

This is so much better than my camera attempts of photographing my work. I might reupload some scans of the nicer stuff I have done recently, only for you lovelies.

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